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Listening to NY FEVER again brought back memories of how great the US ska scene was before it was taken over by media hype…um, and by bandwagon bands trying to be the next Reel Big Fish!
This album is full of class, charm, and honest energy – elements that made the “third wave” ska scene great. Songs like “NEW YORK FEVER”, “HISTORY BOOK”, “SOCIAL SECURITY” and “PLOUGHSHARES INTO GUNS” are simply great songs – THEN and NOW. 
Hell, why else would JOE JACKSON get involved and mix the record?!?
NEW YORK FEVER in many ways was the transitional record that positioned THE TOASTERS for major chart success in the 90’s. Personally, we grew up in the 80s and got hooked with their “POOL SHARK”, “THRILL ME UP” and “SKABOOM” albums – but when “NEW YORK FEVER” was finally released it was obvious to us that SKA was going to go big with bands like THE TOASTERS….it was just a matter of time.

Vinyl Tracklisting
New York Fever
Ploughshares Into Guns
History Book
Too Hip To Be Cool
Night Train
Social Security
Johnny Forsake Her
Too Much Happening
Pool Shark (Reprise)
Download Card has all the above PLUS: 
Ploughshares Version
History Book Version 
Pablo’s Night Train
Pablo’s Shebeen