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Track list:
Side A: Any Port in a Storm - The Chicking Side
Side B: Any Port in a Storm - The Egg Side


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The leading ska/rocksteady force from Denmark - BABYLOVE & THE VAN DANGOS - have been releasing steadily and gigging heavily for the past 8-10 years now. 4 full length albums so far, a few singles plus numerous compilations - and currently finishing off writing their forthcoming 5th album. And from this album we hereby present the 1st single - "Any Port in a Storm"!

After 5 days of speeding up and down a snow-covered autobahn in a van that had chosen freezing Germany as the ideal place to give the heater a couple of days off, the cozy and warm Lovelite studio in Berlin was a sight for sore eyes. Never having met Jochen, who were to record us, we were very eager to get to know him and the place. There were stacks of tapes, vinyls, recording equipment and a coffee machine that was even more unpredictable than our car. Everything in there had a vibe to it and in no time we were convinced that we'd come to the perfect place for what we had in mind. To record what unmistakably was the same song, in versions that would hopefully take you to two different places.

You see, this is a song that wanted to be more than a song. It wanted to be two songs and who are we to stand in the way of ambition and bravado.

As it is the first song to my first-born I've been very keen on recording it ever since it started falling into place. I remember saying to the guys after every rehearsal that they'd have to release the rehearsal tapes, should I have the bad luck of walking under a bus. At the time of writing, I have not.

The song sprung from the realization that I would literally do anything for this little girl. Go anywhere, sacrifice anything, kill anyone…and it scared the hell out of me. It probably always will. - Daniel of Babylove and the van Dangos