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Limited to: 25 hand numbered copies

Black vinyl & black label
Individual sign language hands on each copy
B/W 25x25 cm inlay with lyrics and credits

Side A:
01: EASY

Side B:


Enfant terrible teenage wonder kid GUSTAV FOSS is finally ready with his debut EP cunningly entitled ”Give A F***” and on the only suitable media; vinyl!

Already at age 17 the Esbjerg-native took media such as Soundvenue, Gaffa and as well as national radio DJs like Kjeld Tolstrup and Tony Scott by storm; which among other things resulted in “week’s pick” on radio show De Sorte Spejdere 2 weeks in a row. His take on the Alternative pop genre draws on inspiration from Dust Brothers, “Mellow Gold”-era Beck, Beastie Boys and Peeping Tom and this beautiful schizophrenia has great appeal and explains why GUSTAV FOSS has been so well received already on demo material.
We’re talking an alternative fusion of hip hop, pop and rock and the combination is being delivered with an attitude and brashness that only a youngster with a body full of raging hormones can produce.

The 4 tracks on the ”Give A F***” EP pull the listener in 4 different directions with the common denominator being the melodic approach, the wonderfully provocative lyrics and the impeccable desire to twist the knobs and play with the traditional form and structure.
The incredibly dance-stimulating ”Easy” feeds on GUSTAV FOSS’ ego while having a twinkly distance and a lyrical attitude filled with provocation that sends thoughts to the hip hop scene from back when that was dangerous and confrontational. The shambling, almost Weezer-slacker-ish “Home Run” contains a completely unexpected bridge and stands as a potential summer smash hit with the unforgettable hook. And this song, if any, sums up what GUSTAV FOSS is all about; you don’t talk about a home run – you hit it! The before mentioned playful approach is evident on the EP’s 3rd cut, “Piggy Bank”, that drags the listener to the left and right just within the first minute of the song. Yet it appears strangely coherent and displays the great crossover potential there is between hip hop, pop and straight up rock ‘n’ roll. Last track, however, the eerie “Pleasure Please” does something entirely different with its horror-core meets industrial meets dub expression. With insisting and whispering vocals and gloomy instrumentation you’re being pulled into a universe where getting a solid whipping seems not only mandatory but also pleasurable.

GUSTAV FOSS is waving the pointer and demanding attention with these 4 fantastic tunes also functioning as an appetizer for the full length album slated for a late 2011 release!