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Limited to 475 hand numbered copies

Grey/greenish vinyl
Back of cover with lyrics and credits

Side A:

Side B:

(*: Haunted rehearsel room version)

A dirty black summer’s upon us and while nature is in high gear, brainwaves are as heavy as neutron stars. Soundwaves are not of the same kind; they are a sun still burning, not yet dark and dense. Our personal musical sun is very active these days, solar flares haunt its burning face frequently. And something has been born here, prematurely!

We’ve decided to make a 12” Vinyl EP containing 5 songs which will be a kind of a premonition: a sense of things to come. An appetizer of our coming full lenght.
We’ve decided to do this because we’re so incredibly lucky to be part of the NEW ERA TOUR together with mighty Alcoholic Faith Mission this coming fall and we wouldn’t show ourselves with nothing to offer.

The title of this little appetizer will be "The Other Side" and the tracklist will be as follows:

No choice
The other side
Rain wash away
Birth & Death are sisters
(BONUS: haunted rehearsel room version!)

Complementarity is perhaps what best describes and defines DEER BEAR. The Ying and Yang parallel is obvious with the members being a seemingly odd couple: The female part is held by Anne Hjort, with a background rooted in the electro-popish. Her male counterpart is Lars Bjørn-Hansen who normally fronts the critically acclaimed death metal band Koldborn, but there’s no death metal in this musical setting, no insisting aggression, no screaming.

Our sound and songwriting, with its introspective and winding down of time character, stand in an appealing contrast to modernity, and one may sense a search for a more traditional insight and organic output.

The style might be labeled as melancholic pop-folk, and while the sound is warm and comforting, the subject matter is far from it. While listening to the acoustic western guitar, the smooth balanced keys and strings, one starts to notice the words of the effortless male and female voices, and the soundscape, reminiscent of an idyllic gentle green lush forest, turns into one of bleak winter-wrapped woods.

Our music, and the words that live in its wake, are nothing but a shelter from the world. Music really can’t do anything else than to postpone suffering: music is the armor of the heart. This is the reason why we make music: to escape and to alleviate.
The songs, we’ve written, are about life and about unwillingly taking part in it from time to time.
The keys, strings, drums, bow strokes and voices come from our hearts and from the winds, trees and oceans on earth as all these things really are one and the same. We open a door to sadness. Sadness is a magnifying glass when used with courage. Open yourself up to it; invite sadness in when it waits on your doorstep, always eager and ready. On the doorstep of your mental house, in which you spend all your life, locked away from everything else; in your House behind the eyes.
Our notes and lyrics will make you open the door, and your dogs in the cellar will cease their barking and your demons will hold their breath, just for a little while.

This record will enable you to gather strength for the days and nights to come, because days and nights roll in endlessly, like waves beating your battered boat. Our lyrics are about many things, but mostly we try to convey melancholic truths. One such truth is that you should treat yourself and others with love and gentleness, because by merely existing, we are already suffering enough.

Music is a way to forget and is the most merciful thing that we can offer.