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Limited to: 25 hand numbered copies

Alternative cover
Black vinyl & black label
Printed on grey recycling cardboard
Velour-flocked cardboard inlay

Side A:
(single from the "Kill Everyone" album)

Side B:
(never released / exclusive for this 7")

“The Champagne of Surf Guitar Punk”, “The World’s Finest Surf Guitar Punk Rock” and “L + DD = TAC (Lemmy plus Dick Dale equals The Turbo A.C.’s)” are just a few of the payoffs and quotes attached to New York City’s punk rock ‘n’ roll quartet THE TURBO A.C.’s! They’ve recently released their very finest full length album, “Kill Everyone”, and prove to be more vital, aggressive and potent than ever before!

They’ve been around for over 15 years now and been a household name in Europe for almost as long. Countless prolific tours here and of course in their home country. Their high- octane sound has led to comparisons to bands such as The Supersuckers and the New Bomb Turks, which is only fitting to some extend. Because the fictional, almost toon violent, universe THE TURBO A.C.’s are creating along with their signature surf leads make them stand out from the rest. This combined makes them, by all means, The Champagne of Surf Guitar Punk!

The 10th track on the “Kill Everyone” album is the anthemic “Black Lipstick” which is now xclusively put out as a 7” single with the non-album, never before released, track entitled “The Story”! Not only is this the first international artist put out by Screaming Records, it’s also our very first 7” vinyl. Therefore we have also gone the extra mile and made this extra special.

The lyric to “Black Lipstick” clearly suggests an action packed scene of cartoonish violence and femme fatale! We instantly saw comic book-type sleeve with all the references from the text on the actual cover while keeping it in that specific tone, style and aesthetics related to comic books. This, we certainly think, has been realized through the final artwork done by

THE TURBO A.C.’s are as fresh as they were when they formed 15 years ago and we’re happy to make part of their on-going history by releasing this 7”. “Black Lipstick” will, without a doubt, make a future live classic – so of course the song needs its very own media too.