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Brooklyn all-star ska/reggae in Powdered Wigs!
We are REGGAY LORDS, we employ presently or hath deposed members of The Slackers, The Forthrights, Rudie Crew, and the Hard Times. We find little the need to explain ourselves. Tidy thineself and make ready for a Mighty Murderous Sound.
Time was nipping at the heels of procrastinators worldwide. A myriad of great heavens turned cold with the winds of actuality. Dogs of human kind turn tail on their leaders and as the darkness swept through our shire of Brueklynn … emerged powerful and wondrous examples of we Reggay Lords.

A mix of might and merry, of upliftment and destruction, of pleasure and of peril. HUZZAH!!! To  the Common People!!! Make all shires near and far shout the praises and fancy thineselves in readiment of our royal rocksteady sound. Although the powers that may be are dictating Commoners lives in every shire, we stand with thee ready to mash them down with our musical masquerade…REGGAY LORDS DUN RULE!!
Powdered Wigs. Duels. Honor. Tea. Reggay. Get the Royal Treatment on “Run Or Get Down”. Don’t let their preposterous costumes deceive you. Lead vocalist Lord Point croons with a goblet in hand, his words doth speak of good times, battling for power, women who do you bad, and throwing off one’s oppressors! Reggay Lords are the real deal since MMXI – they make the most original and best rocksteady and reggae you could ever hope for!