Shipping and delivery:
The price for delivery is included in the order confirmation you receive, and you will not be charged for handling separately.

NOTE. We try to keep the shipping expences low and prices from 0-2000 grams will be sent with regular economy mail, anything above can only be sent with track n trace. 

You cannot collect your order - it will be shipped using Post Denmark (national postal service). Your order will be shipped within 1-4 working days after we receive your order. Expect 1-2 days for shipping in Denmark. If you live outside of Denmark shipping period will be further increased. European customers may experience delivery time up to 2 weeks and overseas customers up to 4-6 weeks. As much as we take it upon ourselves to ship all orders within a working day or two - we cannot control the postal service, national bank holidays and other delays - so please be patient and don't hesitate to contact us.

Danish orders are automatically sent with track & trace information.