All contact to SCREAMING STORE regarding merchandise, order-status, cancellation or complaints, contact us through mail at

All prices include taxes and fees for online-payment. The price you see by each item is the price excluding shipping costs. When ordering from outside Denmark, the Danish tax will still apply. It is the price presented at the web-site at the time the order is placed that applies to your order. If the prices should change immediately after your order is placed, you order will not be affected by this. Prices are listed in Euros (€) and you will be charged in Euros.
Screaming Records cannot be held responsible for: Price changes, changes in currency, force majeure, changes in taxes and fees, sold out items and printing errors. Should one of these conditions arise you will be contacted by email if it affects your order.

All payment is done through the online-payment service PayPal, where you can pay with credit-card and your own PayPal account.
It is not possible to pay on delivery. An order will not be processed unless payment through PayPal has been verified. PayPal is a 3rd party that handles payment and the site shopping-basket. Visit the PayPal website for further information.
Danish customers can pay directly using a Danish bank transfer by selection.

You have 14 days to regret and cancel your order. Should you decide to cancel an order within 14 days after you receive it, please contact us through email at and remember to apply order details. You have to pay the shipping costs while returning the parcel and we expect the item(s) to be in perfect condition or reimbursement does not apply.

Faults in your order:
If there are errors when you receive your order (e.g. damaged items, wrong items) you obviously have the right to have them exchanged. Return the items in question to SCREAMING STORE / SCREAMING RECORDS (see address under Contact) with a copy of you order confirmation and a description of the error.

If one or more items are missing when you receive your order, contact SCREAMING STORE at and inform us about which items are missing, and which order it concerns, and we'll get back to you.

Please note that SCREAMING STORE is not responsible for items damaged in transit. But, if your order looks like it was eaten by a bear and puked out, please let us know. We'll try and help you out.

Security and storing of personal information:
When committing payment your personal information is only used to pay that particular order, and is not stored. The transaction is encrypted to ensure that outsiders cannot monitor your information. See PayPal for information on encrypted traffic.
Your personal information is stored locally at SCREAMING STORE until you order has been dispatched and is thereafter erased. At no circumstance will your information be handed over to a 3rd party, and your mail-address will not be used when sending newsletters, advertisements, etc.

Information concerning order number, item code, number of items and prices regarding your order is stored in case of cancellation or faults in your order, and for internal use for SCREAMING STORE / SCREAMING RECORDS.

Technical details:

- Select the items you want on and add them to your shopping cart.
- When you're done selecting items, click 'View cart'.
- The shopping cart is displayed and you can correct the quantity of each item or delete an item from the cart.
- Go through the payment guide, and a printable receipt is displayed.

An order-confirmation is sent to the email address you have applied. And the order is sent by mail to SCREAMING STORE who will handle your order.

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