This is the new and improved SCREAMING RECORDS web store. It took us a while getting here but now that we finally made it we intend to keep it hip and happening! Hope you like it – because here is the deal:

In the web store we will offer exclusive deals on both packages, test press items, ultra limited editions and out of stock items in limited periods of time for our regular customers. We would like to give something back to the loyal customers we’ve had for the past couple of years and this, we feel, is the way to do it! So sign up and be notified when ultra limited items are made available!

To broaden the perspective for the artists on our roster we’re planning to include related items – such as non-SCREAMING RECORDS vinyl releases and merchandise. Therefore we have made the ‘artist’ section

On a different note we will be working on adding a category of non- SCREAMING RECORDS related vinyl in the very near future. You may consider it a flea market of sorts where we will be offering related items and trade vinyl in limited quantities. All stuff we like and would like people to check out! The idea is to include both new and used vinyl and naturally we will grade vinyl and sleeve conditions accordingly. Feel free to get in touch if you want to sell or trade.
Hope you enjoy your stay in the store and if you want to know more about SCREAMING RECORDS and our past and present releases please check out the official website – !

We’re vinyl-only & we’re P.M.A. approved….so-called!